Ricky Hatton Willing To Rematch Mayweather In An MMA Cage

Over a decade ago both Floyd Mayweaher and Ricky Hatton battled it it out in the boxing ring and years on one of the two is being linked with an odd venture into MMA.

Mayweather got the world talking last week with a video of him jumping around in an MMA cage.

Further to claims from the former pound for pound number one boxer earlier this year that he’d be able to come back and make a billion dollars in the UFC.

Ricky Hatton while in attendance for the launch of the Ultimate Boxxer today in London said he is not convinced of it however.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Hatton joked:

“What a load of b*****. Yeah just for show. I’ll get him in the cage – as long as Joe Cortez would not f****** ref! I can’t see him doing that, can you?”

He has a point.

Whatever Mayweather is planning though, he’s certainly keeping himself relevant with different social media posts and videos keeping fans guessing.

The reality is he’ll probably come back for another boxing match. Maybe not this year, or even next year, but when he finds the right freak show to jump into – he’ll be back.

Mayweather stopped Hatton inside the distance on the occasion they fought – here’s how it happened:

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