The boxing and UFC world are speculating whether or not this whole Floyd Mayweather fighting in the UFC story has any legs to it, or if it is just PR by Floyd.

The time is coming where the world will find out soon enough if it is all hot smoke from Mayweather in terms of fighting on, or if he’s been genuine.

One thing is certain about Mayweather, he’s been purposely keeping himself in the public eye since his boxing match with Conor McGregor last August for some sort of reason.

What that reason is though isn’t particularly clear at this point.

A fight against the UFC’s Conor McGregor has been mentioned, as has this new UFC saga.

However world champion Badou Jack has actually revealed that the story is serious as Mayweather himself told him personally he’s considering it.

Speaking to Jeff Mayweather of The Mayweather Boxing Channel, Jack said:

“He told me when was it, Friday, Saturday, that he can get a lot of money fighting these UFC fighters. A billion dollars. Something like that. You never know.”

It smells of freak show but then again, freak shows sell.

It’s hard to see what Mayweather stands to gain though.

He’s already got all the money in the world and will simply risk as serious injury by doing this.