TV Exec Reveals He Is Meeting With Mayweather To Talk MMA Fight

Floyd Mayweather made global headlines this week after he brought out a video of him walking into an MMA octogan sparking talks of Mayweather fighting in the UFC.

Indeed, Mayweather spoke not long ago of how if he wanted to – that he could comeback for a nine figure pay day to fight in an MMA bout in the UFC.

Despite never even competing in the sport ever before.

However it’s not out of the realms of possibilities according to Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza, who told TMZ that:

“It will be a topic of conversation.”

He added:

“Well nobody thought that Mayweather vs McGregor was a realistic thing so I’ve learned not to question what Floyd is capable of putting it off. There’s a chance. Whatever he puts his mind to he sort of wills it to happen. He willed the McGregor fight to happen. If he wills it to happen it will happen.”

On what he expects Mayweather to make if he steps into MMA in terms of pay per view records

“I think if he did it (fight) again it would be the top four (pay per views of all time). I don’t know where it would fall in. He’s really just competing with himself.”

Mayweather in the UFC seems a bit ridicilous to believe, in fairness.

Unless they were able to match him with a guy so terrible that he’d have a chance, that is. All it would take is one take down to the ground and surely the fight will be over.

After Mayweather vs McGregor last year expect the unexpected, though.

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