Official KSI vs Joe Weller Live Stream Details and Fight Time

The official and legal KSI vs Joe Weller live stream video has been made available for free tonight for the public looking to watch the boxing match, with details available below.

Although this event has largely gone unnoticed in the usual boxing world, it does seem to have a massive appeal to casual fans of the sport across the UK.

For those that don’t know who KSI or Joe Weller are, a few quick bits of background information firstly.

Essentially this is a novelty fight in a clash of YouTube stars. The fight came about after the two basically arranged it on social media and tonight over 8000 people in London will watch the bout.

The fight should start around the 6pm mark UK time at the earliest.

The pair have traded back and forth verbal assaults on Twitter in recent times and will settle their differences tonight at the Copper Box Arena.

Tom Craze pointed out today that the event has already had a massive appeal so far:

Well, the talking is almost over. Lets tune into the fight right here courtesy of the KSI YouTube channel by clicking on their YouTube channel link here.

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