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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

Usyk vs Briedis in Latvia on Saturday night just goes to show that if you put on fights where the best fight the best, you can get very special results

Boxing when it puts the best against the best is still up there as one of the very sports on Earth.

These fights were boxers are matched in their primes can sometimes get passed over if parties involved think the fights need to be built more and ultimately, make more money down the road.

However whole trying to find this business balance, it can also have the impact of frustrating the fans and keeps them waiting.

The fans are what pay for boxing at the end of the day and if you bull the fans, it comes back to haunt you – as we’ve seen in years gone by. The sport eventually shrinks and everyone pays a vicious price.

But boxing has gotten its act together now as 2017 showed and the best are starting to fight this best once again.

Usyk vs Briedis on Saturday night at cruiserweight another fine example of it in 2018 so far. The boxing world are very impressed overall with the fight, and its eventual winner:

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