Matthysse Knocks Out Kiram – Calls Out Pacquiao and Garcia

Matthysse Knocks Out Kiram

Lucas Matthysse now in his mid thirties perhaps was a little out of his prime this past Saturday night but could still rely on that old power after what was in truth, a boring contest up until the time of the stoppage.

The big hitting Argentinian always carried one punch knockout power in his career and this past Saturday night it helped him once again.

Tewa Kiram came into the contest with a big reputation and undefeated record from Thailand but as often can be the case (but not always), we didn’t know just how good he would be until fighting a major name and known quantity in the sport.

The only shot of note that landed for Kiram came in the 7th but it was short-lived, when Matthysse dropped him twice in the 8th round on route to scoring the knockout win.

When Matthysse landed on Kiram the man from Thailand could not handle the power.

After the fight the winner called for one of two fights after the bout:

“I’m here for the best and biggest names. I want the rematch with Danny Garcia or Manny Pacquiao. Those are the big fights I want, though of course that will be up to Mario Arana and Golden Boy Promotions.”

Whether he lands either remains to be seen but is certainly in a solid position for a good fight next up in 2018.