Frampton vs Donaire – When Mutual Respect Meets Bone Crunching Fists

Frampton vs Donaire

While Carl Frampton and Nonito Donaire have always been friendly with one another over the years when that first bell goes – it will go straight out the proverbial window.

Both men have been complimentary to one another during their careers but come April 21st, they’ll be going to war against each other in one of the early potential fights of the year to look forward to.

While the fight will go up against Amir Khan’s comeback fight which will happen on the same night, there is no denying that a whole bunch of boxing fans will still tune in to watch this barnstormer.

Both Donaire and Frampton could be described as boxer-punchers in their own respects, but if you were to really pick out the boxer of the two – you’d have to learn towards Frampton.

He’s shown he can box on the back foot and side to side in the past and also has displayed an ability to religiously stick to a game plan if he needs to.

While former fighter of the year Donaire is no slouch in the boxing IQ and ring generalship departments himself, he typically likes to fight coming forward and by letting his arsenal of heavy artillery go without care.

If Frampton so chooses he can devise a game plan with new coach Jamie Moore to counter this but for one reason or another I don’t suspect he will.

I think he’ll believe he can more than outgun Donaire at this late stage in his career and meet fire with fire with him right from the get go – and look to out fight and out box him.

Expect fireworks come April 21st. It’s written all over it.