The fight has been formally announced today and finally fans can sit back and enjoy the build up and the fight ahead.

It has been some shift so far in these negotiations. Talks that seemed to have played out in the public more often than not.

But all that is now out-of-the-way fans are already looking forward to a fight that will see a unification of genuine world titles in the heavyweight division.

Tactics are going to be everything on the night for Parker if he’s to spring the upset.

His coach has already gone on record saying he’s giving his charge a weight to get down to and wants him to come into the fight light, specifically.

This speaks to one thing and one thing only in my mind – gas tank.

Team Parker will surely be banking on the fact that their man will enjoy a superior gas tank and possibly a superior chin to wear down the bigger, more muscular Joshua later in the bout.

As basic a game plan as that sounds it’s not a bad one to my mind.

Joshua has shown to fatigue in the past and take rounds off in fights where he has stepped up in opposition.

If Parker can weather the first six rounds and push a pace on Joshua that he has not yet experienced in his career then maybe, just maybe, he can get to him late on.

Roll on March 31st. Another big fight to look forward to in boxing for early 2018.