Spine Tingling Video Conveys Just How Special Groves vs Eubank Fight Is

Oh yes, the Groves vs Eubank fight is just around the corner and in terms of early big fights to look forward to in boxing in 2018 – it has to be the pick of the bunch.

Both guys will have trained right through the Christmas business as usual. No turkey, no games, no alcohol, no messing about.

Just a steely focus and perpetual motion towards a night that they know could easily take a lot out of both of them when it is all said and done afterwards.

While Groves is probably the slightly more technically refined boxers of the two, Eubank for this writer’s dollar has the edge not just in hand and foot speed but possibly crucially in the fight, gas tank.

Groves has shown to fatigue late on in the past where as junior tends to get stronger a fight goes on.

That said, Groves has mixed in better class than Eubank so far in his career and we’ll really only know how good Eubank Jr is come fight night when he steps in there with the best opponent of his career to date.

The bout takes place on February 17th in Manchester and the hype and build-up is already palpable from the boxing world.

You can almost feel it getting stronger day by day, as the fight edges closer to these two super-middleweight warriors colliding in the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

The folks at Moltivedia Boxing YouTube have done a truly stellar job with painting the story of this bout – hats off gentlemen: