If there’s one single reason why we might see Floyd Mayweather back in the boxing ring it won’t be because of money. Believe it or not.

To slightly contradict myself, yes, Mayweather will only comeback if there is a whopping pay-day on offer. Sure.

But I don’t think that would necessarily be his primary motivation for doing so.

Recently Floyd Mayeather’s Instagram account commented under a post of that from Sugar Ray Leonard pertaining to a picture where Leonard was seen laughing with other legends of the ring.

When asked by Mayweather what it was about, there was a bit of a tit for tat from the two. Leonard has always maintained that he would have beaten Mayweather in his prime – and Floyd doesn’t like it.

Evander Holyfield also in recent times has said he doesn’t think Mayweather is the best boxer of all time.

Despite Mayweather’s mantra that he gave himself of “TBE” (The Best Ever).

When Mayweather speaks to his sole provider of interviews FightHype.com, you can almost hear it in his voice that he doesn’t like when criticism comes in from legendary fighters.

Or when his name is compared to them by fans for that matter.

Not many know that Floyd is a massive student of the game. The man knows his boxing history very well, as many within the sport do.

He’s studied the fight styles of a whole hold of legendary fighters for years.

If he does comeback for one last one, which I don’t think he will but if he does, it will be to put one final stamp on his boxing legacy.

To have his final fight in the squared circle not remembered for and finished on as a victory over novice boxer in the form of Irishman Conor McGregor.

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