The two now share the same promoter which in theory should make it an easy fight to make but there’s still two-main things they will have to overcome – if it’s to get made in 2018.

While the fight will always be there to an extent, fans want to see it sooner rather than later.

It’s no secret that the two have had a passionate dislike for one another for years. Not just in the pros but going back to the amateur days too.

They shared a sparring session in the unpaid ranks that has since become a topic of discussion and when the pair met on national TV one time speaking about – both had a different version of events of what took place.

But that was then and this is now. Moreover, sparring is sparring.

It’s the egos in play here are that are going to present problems when it comes time to negotiate.

Both will have their reasons for wanting a certain percentage of the revenue of the fight and it’s going to take some artful dodging and skilful chatting from their promoter Eddie Hearn to get these two to sit down and agree a deal.

The other big thing they’ll need to get over if they want to fight this year is weight. Kell Brook has confirmed he’s moving to 154lbs – and rightly so.

How that man-made welterweight in the first place is beyond me. At this stage of his career making 147lbs is virtually impossible from here on out.

Khan has said that’s he’s boxing at welterweight this year and this will easily turn into a heated point in negotiations as likely Khan will want the fight there.

While Brook will want it at super-welterweight. A catchweight comes to mind as a solution.

Whatever it takes to get this fight on.

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