Watch: Remembering How Parker Celebrated Joshua Beating Klitschko

Now that the Joshua vs Parker fight is official, we’ve taken a quick stroll down memory lane to last year when one of the fight’s combatants watch the other defeat Klitschko on live video stream.

At the time Parker was only dreaming of a shot at the winner. Hoping one day that it would be his turn to have a taste of the epic stadium bonanza that was Joshua vs Klitschko.

Well, today is that day when it was announced earlier that March 31st the pair will collide at the Principality Stadium in Wales in front of 80,000 or so fans.

Following the announcement we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane to when the dream for Parker started to unfold in front of him in the beginning and where the thought about fighting Joshua all began:

Parker will come into the fight in his prime and ready to go.

A fighter with a totally different style to Klitschko who some say was past his best days when Joshua beat him.

At any rate, Joshua will not be worrying what people think and will be focused on one thing and one thing only – knocking out Joseph Parker in emphatic fashion.