Mayweather Asks Fans To Caption McGregor Snot Photo – Responses Are Gold

A rather vivid McGregor snot photo was posted on social media by his old nemesis Floyd Mayweather that has brought about a wealth of reaction from fans.

Mayweather trolled McGregor following recent reports suggesting the Irishman was the target of a mob that had a near $1 million dollar bounty on his head.

This proceeded to bring about some back and forth between the two on social media but the McGregor snot photo posted by Mayweather is up to nearly 900,000 views on Instagram in its first day.

He then posed the question to boxing fans to capture the picture. Here are some of the rather creative responses he’s received so far from boxing fans on Instagram:

“I love me a good nock “ mcregeror voice

When someone says McGregor is gonna whoop @floydmayweather ass

Damn he punched the snot out his nose

Watch your mouth before I shut it for you?

That moment he knew he Fucked up lo

When you do something bad and karma hits you

When keepin it real goes wrong

Walked outside and the cold weather hit me like

This is when Connor realized, “I fucked up”

Snot bubbles

“Here, I’ll wipe your nose for you”.

Looks like someone needs a tissue…


“Shit Just Got Real”

Nite Nite

“Who da foook is you!”

“Get your nasty booger out of my ring!

Talk shit and lose your boogers

Beat me ?! Snot today!!!

Take two of these and call me in the morning!!!

I fooked up

“This is SNOT what I expected!”

Kleenex ad

This is “snot” what you wanted McGrego

There was a fly on your cheek…..honestly

See snot fly.

“Take that you snot nosed brat!”

When you both slide in her dms at the same time

Those hands didn’t look little when they were in my face


(Photo source and credit: @floydmayweather Instagram)