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Joseph Parker’s Promoter Claims Tony Bellew Spat At Him

WBO heavyweight champion of the world Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins has revealed some explosive information about a meeting he had with Liverpool heavyweight Tony Bellew.

A Tony Bellew vs Joseph Parker fight was mentioned some time back but with the two fighters now tied up for their next fights at least, it’s not happening straight away.

But that’s not to say it might not happen later in 2018 if Bellew were to beat Haye again and decided to stick around at heavyweight.

It turns out he and Parker’s promoter have actually met before and had a rather animated meeting at that, with Parker promoter Dave Higgins making a number of claims subsequently.

Speaking to Behind The Gloves, Higgins said of his experience with Bellew:

“Bellew is a bit of a blow hard. Like, he mouthed off more than anyone before the Fury (Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury) fight saying – the fight’s not going to happen – there’s no chance of Parker-Fury happening. Well he was wrong. It did happen. Bellew was wrong. He said that (Hughie) Fury would not show up. He was wrong. He said there would be riots if the fight did happen. There were no riots. He sort of undermined and rubbished that promotion. I felt sorry for Hennessy and the Furys because Peter Fury in particular shook my hand and said I’m a man of my word – the money will go into escrow and the fight will happen.”

He continued:

“The other thing Bellew said was there was no chance they’d come up with the money. Bellew was wrong again. The Furys and Hennessy did come up with the money.”

Higgins added:

“I tried to explain to Bellew. I couldn’t get a word in. He just shouts you down. He’s just in your face. So I was left sitting there being sort of spat at and yelled at. It was like having a conversation with Donald Trump.”

The promoter from New Zealand went on to say:

“Would we like to fight Bellew? Of course. We think Joseph Parker would wipe the ring with Tony Bellew. We see him as an easy fight. Low risk. High return.”

Some hard-hitting stuff there that no doubt Tony Bellew will have one or two things to say about.

Bellew is currently lined up to face David Haye next May and Joseph Parker is thought to be fighting Anthony Joshua at the end of March – with an announcement expected very soon.

For the full interview with Behind The Gloves YouTube (hat tip) check it out here (Tony Bellew reference near the end 45 minutes in):