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Floyd Mayweather Declares Himself As The New King Of Ireland

Floyd Mayweather no doubt is going to cause global controversy with this one after mentioning a country that is spread literally all around the world.

The Irish can be found everywhere.

The States, the UK, Canada, Australia and the tiny of island of Ireland of course (and many other places).

But together, worldwide, there is thought to nearly be 100 million Irish scattered across the globe.

Hence the power of the Irish “thing” as UFC President Dana White referred to it as not so long ago – when asked about Conor McGregor’s ginormous fan base.

Even he, when corrected about a geographical error about Ireland in the past when he accidentally mixed it up with the UK, knows not to mess around with the Irish.

In a an ongoing heated dialogue with Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram to say to him:

“The new King of Ireland, it took me only 28 minutes.”

Interestingly, on the Mayweather vs McGregor international press tour they never stopped in Ireland. The closest they got was London in the UK.

Mayweather probably had a look on YouTube at the wave of atmosphere that Brazilian MMA fighter Jose Aldo received when he went to McGregor’s backyard a couple of years back.

On that note, I’m not sure Mayweather has ever been to Ireland. No doubt McGregor will have a response for this “new King of Ireland” for him.

(Photo source and credit: Floyd Mayweather Instagram)