Mayweather Trolls McGregor Hard – McGregor Has Epic Response

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor months on from their boxing matche are still trading verbal blows with one another outside the ring.

For the sheer novelty that is Conor McGregor, you’ve got to respect the man’s ability to market himself. He just doesn’t give a you know what on social media, and people love him or hate him, follow him.

Same for Mayweather.

McGregor’s sole voyage into the squared circle ultimately proved unsuccessful and Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to let him forget about it.

Mayweather spoke of an alleged story that links a mob who are allegedly out to put a hit on McGregor, with the American referencing this:

Conor McGregor had a simple reply, that in terms of re-tweets and likes on Twitter, completely shut Mayweather down:

Mayweather obviously not pleased with McGregor’s counter, took to Instagram to release a barrage of insults on McGregor:

This ongoing verbal feud looks set to continue right into 2018, with both guys never shy to give their opinions about one another.

Who knows, it would not surprise this writer if in years to come these two are promoting boxing or MMA events with one another.

They certainly both have the mouth pieces to do so.