Wilder Explains What He Is Better Than Joshua At And What Joshua Is Better Than Him At

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder appear to be on a course to fight later in 2018 in what could be one of the biggest heavyweight title fights involving fighters across the pond in over 15 years.

You’d probably have to go back to Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson in 2002 in Memphis. On a night where Lennox Lewis ended his career-long rivalry with Tyson in brutal knockout fashion.

Fast forward to today’s times and the new heavyweight champions of the modern era from the US and UK are eyeing one another up.

Speaking to Kevin Iole on YouTube, WBC heavyweight champion was honest in his assessment in what he thinks he does better than his English rival Joshua, and what Joshua does better than him:

“What I do better than Joshua? My movement is better, my speed is definitely faster. I hit harder than him as well too. My IQ in the ring is definitely smarter than his as well, too. A lot of people don’t realise how smart I am in the ring, how I can analyse a fighter and break him down to where I want to be. That’s why you never see me tired in the ring. I always want to have fun. Even if I may slack off a little but I’m never tired. I’m always plotting I’m always planning to do a lot of things in the ring, and that’s what I think is the difference between me and him.”

He continued:

“He definitely throws combinations better, being a technical fighter. You can tell he tries to be perfect when he throws. You can see it in training and stuff, you know, practice makes perfect, so I don’t knock him for that. So he definitely technique-wise is better but for me – I’m come to win.”

Before that however Wilder is expected to face Luis Ortiz and Joshua is expected to take on Joseph Parker to then set up a unification between the two, if they both win.