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Stephen Espinoza Weasel Mania Goes Into Overdrive After McGregor Spat

The Stephen Espinoza weasel abuse from fight fans has been pouring in all day following a dispute over the Mayweather-McGregor pay per view numbers.

The Showtime sports executive could very well be one of the most influential figures in boxing today with his network covering a number of the sport’s big fights, but that didn’t bother Conor McGregor – nor an army of boxing fans online seemingly.

The pair originally clashed on the press tour for Mayweather-McGregor a number of months ago and the tension between the two is clearly still there following a public spat on Twitter where Espinoza claimed McGregor was incorrect about the event setting the record worldwide for pay per view revenue.

Revenue is different from number of pay per view buys, however, which McGregor and Dana White claim was 6.7 million globally.

No doubt this story has not heard the last of anything yet judging by some of this:

(Top image source and credit: Chris Ghiraldi‏ Twitter)

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