Former heavyweight champion David Haye hints at retirement later this year as he gears up for a rematch showdown with Liverpool’s Tony Bellew.

Haye has been blighted by injures throughout his career and knows that he can’t keep fighting on at the rate he used to because of them.

In his prime there is no denying how good a fighter he was. Particularly at cruiserweight.

The main question that seems to be asked going into his rematch with Bellew on May 5th is how much does he have left?

Bellew is a very live dog in the fight too of course.

He fought out of his skin in the first fight to shock the world and proved he wasn’t the underdog that everyone that he was beforehand.

However speaking on Instagram Haye appears to have one eye out of boxing already as he gets ready to fight Bellew for a second time:

“I’m working and I’m feeling good. 2018 it’s going to be an entertaining year. Potentially my last year as a competitive athlete so I want to go out with fireworks, believe me.”

If it does prove to be Haye’s final fight in the ring, it’s certainly been a strong career overall.

Capturing world titles at cruiserweight and heavyweight not been something done by many in boxing’s history before, in fairness.