Espinoza Reacts To McGregor’s Claim Of MayMac Breaking World PPV Record

Stephen Espinoza, the head of Showtime who was branded famously as a “weasel” in the run up to the Mayweather vs McGregor fight by Conor McGregor, is caught up once again in an argument with McGregor over the boxing match.

The fight last August became the second highest selling pay per view event in North American boxing history but a dispute has arisen with Showtime, McGregor and Dana White on what the world pay per view figures were.

McGregor told Espinoza on Twitter:

“Shut your weasel mouth. Who gives a fuck about the North American numbers when we are the GLOBAL KINGS you shmuck. WORLDWIDE. No.1!”

This is in relation to the 6.7 million global figure that was reported as been mentioned by UFC president Dana White.

Speaking to Kevin Iole this week, White has said he will never work with Showtime again following the event.

Espinoza has said on Twitter that McGregor is incorrect about the event being the global number one pay per view seller:

“Sounds like he’s upset because we committed the cardinal sin of telling the truth (when we released the accurate total for N. American PPV buys on MayMac). Strange that telling the truth, in a press release vetted by all parties in advance, is something to be “despised” for.”

(Despised – referring to Dana White’s reaction following the event).

Espinoza finished by saying:

“LOL…except that it wasn’t #1 in worldwide revenues either.”

White has promised to get into boxing this year as a promoter – but already it looks like one network is totally off the table for him in the form of Showtime.

Then again, don’t be surprised if he does work with them. Such is the nuttiness and unpredictability of the fight business.