Shannon Briggs Could Be Getting Into The Medical Marijuana Business

Shannon Briggs the businessman and the boxer? Calls of “Lets Go Hemp” have been playfully put out by boxing fans after “Lets Go Champ” posted this video.

Briggs is currently awaiting his next opponent after been cleared of a six month suspension recently that saw him unable to box in the second half of 2017.

Ever the character, he’s been keeping busy as he regularly shows his army of social media fans on Instagram.

The latest being this video with reports suggesting that Briggs is looking to get into the medical Marijuana business:

The substance appears to be getting decriminalised in many places at the moment.

This trend appears to be continuing in different countries around the world and as highlighted by Briggs above, is a booming business at the moment:

“3 billion dollars a year!! I ain’t come to play with y’all”

From a boxing perspective it is thought Briggs could fight in the UK next and has even been linked to a fight with Tyson Fury, although Briggs in recent weeks has suggested he doubts Fury wants to fight him.