Floyd Mayweather on Sugar Ray Leonard dispute, where it originated from -in a very public spat which has come to the public’s attention over the 2017 holiday period.

It appears that people having a pop at the McGregor fight still gets under the skin of retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, as the real reasons why his beef with legendary fighter Ray Leonard now begin to surface.

Over the holidays the two shared some Instagram comments with one another on their officially verified Instagram accounts, which straight away got the attention of the boxing world.

Speaking to FightHype.com, Mayweather opened up on where it came from:

“Remember the thing with Sugar Ray Leonard, this didn’t start with me. He started it with me, meaning, I seen Sugar Ray Leonard in the lobby of the Fountain Blue hotel and we talked and we was communicated because you know I take my hat off to legendary fighters.”

He continued:

“This is what Sugar Ray Leonard did. He was on a photo with Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson, he was been catty, he was taking some shots. He said you don’t know what we’re laughing at. He spoke on something, then he spoke on something else. Then the last thing I think he spoke about was saying it could be the McGregor-Mayweather fight. So that was taking shots at me.”

Mayweather added:

“Then I went to him and said you’re Sugar, but I’m TBE.”

Mayweather’s father Floyd Mayweather Sr fought Ray Leonard during his own professional career, with Leonard winning inside the distance on that occasion.

Leonard has gone on record in the past stating that if he fought Mayweather Jr during his career he would have beaten him.