Conor McGregor takes a fresh dig at his old nemesis Floyd Mayweather to kick off his 2018 well, as he left his 2017 – full of controversy.

The fighting Irishman is currently under contract with the UFC but with the UFC president Dana White confirming he’s getting into boxing this year, some have suggested a possible return to the sweet science could be on the cards.

Particularly after fighters like Manny Pacquiao called him out recently, too.

The reality is however, certainly judging by his exploits on Twitter today, that he may never fight anywhere again.

He seems to have gone a rampage recently and today he has told (presumably the UFC):

“That Dagestani was dog shit the other night you’s are all nuts. Game full of sloppy bums asking to be slept. Pay me my worth and Kings back.”

Followed by:

“And that’s Diddy bread on top of already Diddy bread.”

And, finally:

“Now get your Diddy’s out and beg.”

Quite the Twitter storm he’s caused with absolutely gigantic reaction so far.

But from a boxing perspective, he’s not letting go of the whole Mayweather saga just yet – saying:

Mayweather was linked with a possible stint in the UFC recently but its hard to see how he’s jump into an MMA cage at the age of 40, with no formal training in the sport.

If 2017 was a nutty year for the fight business, it looks like 2018 is picking off just where it left off from in that regard.