Anthony Joshua Talks Legacy and Muhammad Ali

Anthony Joshua Talks Legacy and Muhammad Ali

Anthony Joshua has had a strong year in 2017 and is looking ahead to even bigger and better things in 2018. At present, he is on course to fight in some major unification bouts but knows in reality – that he is still a work in progress, still learning his trade.

It’s almost hard to say that in a sense. Given that Joshua is already a heavyweight champion.

But in the grand scheme of things he had a short amateur career and is still developing as a heavyweight as a pro.

His prime might not come for a couple of years yet. Nonetheless, he’s already thinking about his legacy in the sport long-term.

Speaking with Theirry Henry on Sky Sports television Joshua said:

“I don’t want to disconnect from reality – the people. I am who I am but I always want to stay with the people. Because I think the success, that’s just the 1%. Me and my team are going to visit prisons at Christmas. People that are not allowed visit their families. They may have made mistakes but the good thing I see is that people learn and try to better themselves, so to go and give them so motivation – and that’s for nothing. We just spoke and I said that’s what I want to do, just connecting with people who are going through real tough times. That’s what I want people to remember for me for. The definition in boxing of the people’s champion. The people’s champion. That’s what I want to be remembered for.”

He added:

“He (Muhammad Ali) was unbelievable. He had it tough as well. They disliked him but they grew to understand him and accept him for who he was.”

Joshua boxed twice in 2017 in total.

Both times resulting in entertaining bouts and ending in stoppage wins for the British fighter who has shot to fame in recent years.