Renowned fight announcer Bruce Buffer contacted by Pacquiao team it has emerged as speculation of a fight between the two continues after recent reports suggesting Pacquiao is interested in pursuing a bout (of some sorts) with McGregor.

The bout has been categorically shut down by Dana White of the UFC however.

In terms of it happening in a boxing ring at least.

He has been clear that Irishman McGregor is under contract with him in the UFC, however he didn’t say anything about Pacquiao hopping over in the UFC and taking on McGregor in MMA.

UFC announcer Bruce Buffer (brother of Michael Buffer) has revealed to TMZ that he’s been contacted about the fight:

“Manny (Pacquiao), I’ve had some of Manny’s friends call me and say can you talk to Conor’s management. I’ve had that happen over the last six months. It’s not my position to do that. I told them you guys know who to call. Call the right people. Money talks and people walk.”

Pacquiao is understood to still be under contract with his current boxing promoter however and considering the fact he has no real training in mixed martial arts, this seems like a rather unlikely scenario.

But then again, Mayweather vs McGregor happened in boxing this year – so don’t rule anything out.

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