It’s holiday season in crib Mayweather at the moment and the retired boxer has posted some pics that flaunt one of the most impressive Christmas trees seen this year, anywhere, surely.

The boxer has been linked with fights against plenty of fighters recently.

Even including speculation that he could fight in MMA as part of a UFC contract if he wants to. As bizarre as that sounds.

This is likely a non starter however. For a variety of reasons. It’s simply a marketing ploy for Mayweather to stay relevant in the press.

Nothing more.

He’s been in full swing this holiday season in his hometown of Las Vegas and posted these two pictures a short time ago to illustrate as much:

Not too shabby, eh?

The 40-year-old has consistently said that he is retired following his bout last August against Ireland’s Conor McGregor.

However recent reports confirming that UFC president Dana White had actually received calls from Mayweather to seriously compete in MMA seem to still be raising eyebrows.

It could of course all be a ploy for White and Mayweather in some capacity to work together promotion-wise in boxing next year.

White has confirmed that he will start promoting boxing events in 2018 with his current business partners in the UFC.

(Photo credit: Floyd Mayweather Instagram)

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