Mayweather Gets Deep About Where De La Hoya Beef Originates From

Floyd Mayweather gets deep about his tenuous relationship with Oscar De La Hoya that has developed into a long-lasting feud.

Both fighters back in the day shared the same promoter when at that time, originally, De La Hoya was promoted as the main attraction in American boxing during the 1990’s.

However that all changed when the two fought.

When Floyd Mayweather fought and beat Oscar De La Hoya he essentially took over that star status and became the new boxing pay per view star in the sport.

The fight was a close on between the two, that Mayweather won by close decision – but the fight man deserved to get the nod in fairness.

A beef between the two developed over the years where really, the two guys just didn’t like each other and get along.

That happens in life.

But what is extraordinary is despite the years of boxing in the same era for so long, the beef has somehow continued into their post-fight careers too.

Both are now promoters in the sport of boxing and recently De La Hoya was critical of Mayweather’s fight against Conor McGregor.

In a candid interview Floyd Mayweather opens up about his relationship with Oscar De La Hoya over the years and more recently his beef that has continued to today’s times: (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

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