Tyson Fury Explains Why Wilder Knocks Out Anthony Joshua

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury explains why if Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder fight in 2018, that there will be only one winner.

Fury has gone on record extensively over the years about how he believes Anthony Joshua is limited as a fighter due to his boxing ability not being where it should be, according to Fury.

“Body builder” jibes have long been levelled at Joshua by Fury in that he believes he is built too much for power and has too much additional bulk for a heavyweight.

Joshua’s gas tank has not exactly failed him yet though in his pro career.

Although he certainly has looked tired in some of his fights, he’s not gassed out as of yet – so it’s hard to argue that this bulk is not currently being managed correctly by him from a stamina point of view.

But I think Fury’s point about Joshua goes a little further than just the size jibes.

He just doesn’t seem to think that Joshua possesses the overall ability as a technical boxer needed to beat a fighter who can box and move in front of him.

Now that Fury is returning to the sport in 2018, he’ll look to test that theory obviously. A fight between him and Joshua will be screamed for from the rooftops from here on out.

But another one also being called for is Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua.

If that particular bout happens Tyson Fury spoke candidly here about why he believes Wilder will KO Joshua to the folks at BoxNation YouTube (hat tip):