Prichard Colon Health Update – Video Shows Progress

The latest Prichard Colon health update as 2017 comes to a conclusion is very encouraging indeed we are thankful to report.

The former boxer from Puerto Rico had his career cut short after a bleed to the brain was discovered after his last contest that saw him undergo life threatening surgery.

It was thought at the time to Prichard may never have any quality of life ever again due to the nature and severity of the brain injury that he suffered, but in true boxer fashion, he’s continuing to fight back in the toughest fight of his life.

Updates in 2017 on social media have steadily shown gradual improvement in Prichard’s health and this latest post on Instagram has done so again:

Excellent to see Prichard’s rehab continuing to go from strength to strength and based on his momentum in 2017 alone.

No doubt he’ll continue to improve in 2018.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views sends our prayers and thoughts to Prichard and his family.