New World Champion Shares Humbling Girlfriend Interaction

New world champion Caleb Truax might be on top of the world after shocking the boxing world against James DeGale, but his girlfriend certainly isn’t letting it go to his head.

The American upset crazy odds last weekend against the 1/200 on favorite to win beforehand James DeGale.

He travelled to DeGale’s hometown of London in the UK and ripped away his IBF super-middleweight world title from him to shock the world with a points win.

Boxers’ stories are some of the most inspirational in any sport when upset wins like Truax’s happen. No doubt about it.

It shows no matter what people may have predicted, what odds makers may say, that when it’s time to fight – all bets are off.

Passion can have a funny way of trumping conventional logic, so to speak.

Despite this incredible achievement Truax’s partner isn’t letting it get to his head, of course. Speaking on Twitter today, Truax said:

“*Arrives home from London* Me: Baby I’m a world champ! This changes our lives! GF: We’re so proud of you! I knew you could do it… Can you shovel the driveway? And while youre out, the dog shit needs to be picked up before garbage day.”

Classic moment. No doubt Caleb and his family will enjoy this Christmas holidays after such an amazing end to the year.

Photo credit: Caleb Truax Twitter