What Really Angered Billy Joe Saunders Team During Lemieux Weigh-In

The Billy Joe Saunders team lead by his head coach Dominic Ingle were not impressed whatsoever during the weigh-in in Canada.

The weigh-in is pretty much the last time fighters and their respective team’s can play mind games with one another.

As petty as it sounds, it is, and always has been – a part of boxing.

Any perceived advantage going into a fight no matter how big or small can make a difference.

It turned out that upon first weigh in attempt yesterday, David Lemieux weighed exactly 160.2lbs on first attempt – 0.2 lbs over the middleweight limit.

His team denied this was the case initially which infuriated Saunders’ trainer who screamed:

“I want him on the scales again!”

Not only did Lemieux get back on the scales again, he did so twice – to give him a total of three times of stepping onto the scales before Saunders’ team were satisfied.

Trainer of Saunders Dominic Ingle explained in detail afterwards to IFL TV YouTube on how he wasn’t prepared to stand by and let what was taking place continue, as he had seen a number of tricks in the boxing business in the past from experience:

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