Floyd Mayweather responds to being compared with Lomachenko following the Ukraine boxer’s win recently over Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Mayweather behind the scenes has long been known to be a student of the sport of boxing’s history.

Despite his extrovert “Money” persona he put out there to the world over the years.

Like most boxing fans, Mayweather was a keen observer of last weekend’s Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux fight.

A bout which although ultimately was a disappointment, one that still drew most people’s interest in boxing beforehand due to the skill that was expected to be on show.

Speaking to Fight Hype Mayweather believed Rigondeaux was never going to win due to the size disadvantage in the first place:

“A small good fighter would never beat a good bigger fighter.”

He added:

“You can look at it from the beginning of time.”

Following the bout Rigondeaux’s suspected broken hand injury was shown to not be a broken hand.

Rather a very swollen left hand.

Floyd Mayweather has gone into the fight in detail between the two and also touched on the comparisons of him and Lomachenko to Fight Hype YouTube: