Tyson Fury Has A £10,000 Bet For Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury has a £10,000 bet that he is extending to heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. One that could be very fruitful for Joshua – it must be said.

Even the most skillful of defensive boxers from the likes of Floyd Mayweather to Guillermo Rigondeaux get hit every now and then.

As the old saying goes:

“If you step in the shower you’re going to get wet – if you step in the boxing ring you’re going to get hit.”

However Tyson Fury believes his skill set and ability is on such a vastly superior one to that of his rival Anthony Joshua, that this won’t be the case at all.

Speaking to IFL TV, Fury said he was so confident of Joshua not landing a punch on him that:

“And I’d even say to make it very interesting. For every power punch he lands, a power punch is anything bar a jab – I’d give him a £10,000 bonus for every one he landed.”

A fight between the two if at all possible for 2018 likely won’t be to the back-end of the year with Fury first needing a comeback fight in the new year.

But what a fight it promises to be when it does happen. Surely the biggest fight that can be made in world heavyweight boxing: