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Bizarre New Ban Placed On Boxing In One Part Of Canada

With 2018 just around the corner this out of date thinking on combat sports with a ban in one part of Canada seems stuck in the dinosaur ages.

It is well documented all the good that the sport of boxing does, and indeed the positive influence all combat sports have for society in terms of teaching discipline, respect and helping develop confidence and physical well-being.

But the city of Edmonton, the capital of Canada’s Alberta province, have reportedly placed a temporary ban on all combat sports according to CBC Canada.

According to their report, the temporary ban is in effect until at least December 31st 2018 and went into effect yesterday on Saturday December 11th, 2017.

It essentially prohibits new licences for athletes to compete in all combat sports competitions and also prohibits promoters from gaining licenses to stage combat sports events in the city of Edmonton.

A very strange piece of news indeed. Particularly given Canada’s overall love of combat sports, it’s truly hard to understand and a real step backwards overall.

It is thought that the ban is in response to an investigation that is ongoing into the death of boxer in the city called Tim Hague back in June.

Lets hope the powers that be in Edmonton reconsider this ban sooner rather than later.

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