Report: Joshua Parker Unification Almost Over The Line

An Anthony Joshua Parker unification in the heavyweight division looks set to finally be agreed upon for 2018.

Both teams have been locked in negotiations these past number of weeks in particular following a press conference held in New Zealand by team Parker to call Joshua out.

A presser that also included a highlight reel of the occasions the British boxer had been knocked down in his career.

While some labelled as publicity stunt at the time, it seems to have had the desired effect.

The 65-35 split that team Parker have stood firm on now for quiet a while, finally, appears to be getting the respect it deserves in terms of its reasonable nature for a unification bout.

According to ESPN, Joseph Parker is confident the fight will be done soon:

“I think the Joshua fight can go ahead early next year when both teams are locked in and happy.”

He added:

“When we can find a free date, a time in March, then we can definitely make it happen.”

This will come as good news to those wishing to see the heavyweight titles get unified somewhat in 2018 in what good prove to be a very exciting, new era for the glamor division of boxing.

Before Tyson Fury for a very brief period unified and before that when Wladimir Klitschko unified the heavyweight titles for a significant period of time, you’d have to go back to Lennox Lewis before him to look for a recognised heavyweight champion of the world.