Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua given one last chance if he wants to secure the heavyweight title unification bout in 2018.


It is widely thought that if Anthony Joshua wants the fight that he will have to take what has been given as a final, non-negotiable offer from team Parker.

Joseph Parker’s promoter has insisted over and over again that they will not take anything less than a 65-35 split on the fight – which is now at an ultimatum stage for Joshua.

Joshua who undeniably is the man every heavyweight wants to fight, seems to be favorite to take on Parker next however – as his team are looking at the Deontay Wilder fight next summer to late 2018.

Other than Parker, that leaves no other unification fights available to Joshua next up who has intimated that he is only interested in unification and big fights in 2018.

A Tyson Fury comeback is still a bit away just yet, so it’s hard to see what other options are out there next for Joshua at this stage other than Parker.

Anything less than a unification fight or massive bout next will be a let down for fans, in truth.

It’s also hard to see how the above financial split can be haggled any further, unless something extra was thrown into the deal for Parker.

It is thought that there is also a rematch clause being offered in the deal for Joshua if he were to lose to Parker. 65-35 for a belt holder seems pretty balanced and fair, on the whole.

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