Tony Bellew’s Summation Of Miguel Cotto Career Says It All

The Miguel Cotto career is hard to put into words, such was it’s brilliance, but heavyweight Tony Bellew has given a good stab at doing so.

Cotto’s career will many different things to many different people. As a professional he gave fans everything of himself, fighting with his heart and soul throughout his pro tenure.

I’ll always remembering him for putting right the wrong of the first Antonio Margarito fight.

Everything that was involved in the build-up to the rematch, everything he had to go through just to get to the fight, then, bearing in mind the incredible emotional strain involved in the rematch for him, he still managed to keep his cool and stick to a game plan to win by TKO.

The ultimate trait of a fighter in any walk of life, really. An inspirational human.

Tony Bellew has paid his tribute to the Miguel Cotto career which is getting a lot of reaction online at the moment: