Promoter Explains How Joshua Will Knock Out Wilder Viciously

His promoter unsurprisingly thinks Joshua will knock out Wilder when they fight, but explains here why he thinks so.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn is obviously backing his man but he has brought up an interesting point on considering the fight-styles of both heavyweight champions.

Of course, Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have not agreed a fight yet, but it is thought that it will happen if not next summer than early Autumn 2018.

When it does, it will be arguably the biggest heavyweight title fight between boxers from the US and UK since Lennox Lewis knocked out Mike Tyson.

Split negotiations on the fight purse seem to be the main bone of contention at the moment but one would imagine, as is always the case eventually in boxing, that something will be worked out.

Eddie Hearn believes that the fight won’t go long when the two meet, to put it mildly. Speaking on the “Toe To Toe” podcast with Spencer Fearon on Sky Sports, Hearn said:

“I think Wilder is an incredibly risky fight and I just believe that Joshua is, hard to say complete because I know he’s not complete, but, I just think that Joshua punches in straight lines and I feel like it will be a Charles Martin-type performance – rather than a sloppy performance from Joshua. I think it will be a well executed performance of one guy who’s going to come in wild with wild swinging shots and the other guy that’s just going to punch down the lines like he did against Charles Martin – and I believe he will knock out Deontay Wilder within 3 rounds.”

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