Tyson Fury Explains Why He Is Returning – Huge Reaction On Twitter

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has set the world alight tonight with his reasons for coming back.

Mental health is a serious issue that everyone at some point will come into touch with in their life time. Whether directly or through that of a family member or loved one.

It has been well documented that Tyson Fury suffered with significant mental health problems over the last two years but now that he really is coming back to the sport, he’s doing it for a reason that has already drawn a massive reaction.

Mental health issues are in the public consciousness around the world more than ever at the moment and Fury is looking to bring about a positive message in this regard with his comeback.

Speaking on social media he said:

“I’m returning for the real people of the world & to spread awareness of mental health, to show people who suffer than a change will happen.”

The tweet has already earned an absolutely massive reaction in a short time frame.

It is understood that Fury’s long awaited hearing with UKAD will take place next month following which if successfully cleared of all charges, the British Boxing Board have given him the “green light” to return the boxing ring in the new year.