Watch: The One-Two Combination Wilder Used In 1st Stiverne Knockdown

The first knockdown from Wilder on Stiverne as text book as they come in their rematch, caught in slow motion.

Deontay Wilder ultimately knocked Bermane Stiverne down a total of three times this past weekend on route to ending proceedings in the first round.

He set things up with one of boxing’s most fundamental combinations in the end.

The straight one-two, or, left jab-right cross combination down the middle to find his target. One Twitter user caught it perfectly in slow motion to illustrate it’s effectiveness:

(Hat tip: Juanportillo Twitter)

Despite the nickname ‘Windmill’ that is levelled at the WBC heavyweight champion in some quarters, the above contrarily were some of his straightest punches thrown in recent bouts.

Wilder is thought behind the scenes to be working extensively on his jab at the momentwith coach Mark Breland and those involved in the Wilder team believe this punch to be a key weapon in favor of their man when, or if, the Anthony Joshua heavyweight title unification fight happens in 2018.

Joshua team members no doubt would say different, of course.

Both men can clearly punch and to be fair, have also shown some decent chins and heart in different fights in their career to date in terms of overcoming some adversity when needed.

It’s up to the promoters now to get the fight on if not next up straight away – definitely in 2018 at the latest.