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Home » Deontay Wilder Makes Chilling Admission After Knocking Stiverne Out

Deontay Wilder Makes Chilling Admission After Knocking Stiverne Out

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder makes a rather frightening confession after his latest title defence.

Before this past weekend’s WBC heavyweight title fight between Wilder and Bermane Stiverne both men made some strong remarks about how each wanted to actually “kill” the other in the ring.

Most put these comments down to the usual fight hype that goes on between high level professional fighters and the promotion that goes with big time fights.

Well, it turns out one of the protagonists was very, very serious about what he said.

Speaking after the fight – Wilder said:

“Like I said, I meant everything. Even with the killing part. I meant that. I meant that. I do want a body on my record. That’s just the ‘Bronze Bomber’ mentality. Right now I’m Deontay Wilder. I’m calm. I’m at peace. I bring love. But the ‘Bronze Bomber’ – you just never know what he’s going to say. But it’s real. Everything is real and thank God he lived to see another day. Deontay Widler wants everybody to go home, wants everybody to see their family because I have a family and kids I love to death. I definitely say an individual payer and we say a team prayer. In the individual prayer I say I want the guy to go back home. I know a lot of people will say I contradict myself but they gotta understand, there’s two different personalities. I’m Deontay Wilder outside and I’m the ‘Bronze Bomber’ on the inside, and it’s real.”