George Foreman Recalls Muhammad Ali Fight On 43rd Anniversary

George Foreman recalls Muhammad Ali ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ 43 years on from when the pair fought that night.

Yesterday marked the 43th anniversary of one of the most iconic fights in boxing history when Muhammad Ali famously dethroned the unstoppable force that was George Foreman at that time.

Soaking up an almost super human amount of punishment, Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy that night fooled the world and ultimately Foreman who punched himself out in the end to leave Ali score a famous stoppage win.

Perhaps still to this day, the fight outlines why boxing really is the sweet science where intelligence in the ring beats brawn and power every time.

George Foreman paid tribute to the fight online today mentioning on social media:

“43 years ago, I see Ali across the ring: “2 rounds no more” I said. 6th round he is saying: ”show me something George”. Oh Lord.”

Touching on the final blow that ended the fight, big George was as candid as ever:

“Because of the final punch I can’t remember the other punches, ha.”

A fight that still stands the test of time as one of the very best in boxing history with only one of it’s combatants now with us after the great Muhammad Ali passed away in recent years.

For a trip down memory lane here are the highlights of the fight via Jeff Jackson YouTube (hat tip):