George Foreman Describes Muhammad Ali’s Dazzling Speed

The heavyweight division has certainly changed a lot since the days of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman but make no mistake about it, both would still be a force today.

They competed in what many deemed to be a Golden era for the sport.

In a time where the masses watched professional boxing regularly.

Boxing in many ways has seen a transformation this year and indeed in recent years due to technological advancements which the sport is still apparently trying to either keep up with or in other cases, come to terms with.

But the bottom line is two men get in a ring to compete with one another to improve their lives and at the sport’s pinnacle — to find out who the best fighter in the world is.

Ali and Foreman reached that peak in their respective careers and shared this epic battle that no one will ever forget:

During the week big George was asked a question by a fight fan on Twitter and recalled the blinding speed Ali possessed:

Indeed, Ali still today is one of the division’s — if not is the division’s all time fastest fighter.

Foreman for his part is still up there with one of the biggest punchers ever to grace a heavyweight boxing.

Moreover, he still holds the record for oldest heavyweight champion ever (45).

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