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Some Joshua Takam conspiracy theories have emerged from a number of people in the boxing world following the controversial stoppage.

People from around the world in boxing have been venting their frustration and reaction to tonight’s heavyweight title fight stoppage at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Despite the bout being a high class battle of heavyweight warriors, boxing as it so often does, served up a side dish of controversy for people to focus on outside of what was an excellent sporting contest.

Consensus for the most part seems to be that the fight was stopped early and it it wasn’t, it was on the way to getting stopped not long after it did.

In truth Takam showed amazing grit and heart to take what he did. Either way you look at it. His stock will have gone up significantly after an amazing showing – taken on short notice.

Following the bout here are the pick of the Joshua Takam conspiracy theories and general reactions to tonight’s stoppage so far from around the world of the sweet science:

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