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Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua reacts to Carlos Takam stoppage in what many felt was stopped early by the referee.

Indeed, even commentators on Sky afterwards felt the bout had been stopped early in the 10th round but nevertheless, what a fight it was.

Takam showed quiet incredible heart to sustain the punishment he did.

Most likely he would have been stopped before the end of the 12th round due to the sickening beating he was taking.

Having said that he should have been given the chance to get to the final bell. Speaking after the fight Joshua said:

“I come to fight. I don’t sit on the edge and make decisions. As you can see it was a good fight up until the referee stopped it.”

He went on:

“My job is to worry about my opponent. I was watching him. I was trying to break him down round by round. I think people want to see Takam unconscious in the floor – am I right? Okay, now I understand! That’s what I was trying to get to.”

He added:

“He’s like, you know like Holyfield – coming under and popping up. He started catching up in the later rounds. I had to keep my cool. I’ve got to see some good doctors to crack it (my nose) back in place.”

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