Referee Getting Takam In Headlock Moments before Joshua Stoppage

A controversial moment has emerged of the referee getting Takam in headlock moments before the fight was stopped against Anthony Joshua.

The stoppage has come in for a lot of heat tonight on social media and indeed from TV commentators who were working the fight.

Carlos Takam gave more than a good account of himself tonight. Battling on with horrific cuts sustained above both eyes that clearly obscured his vision at times in the fight.

He somehow fought on and took huge shots from the big hitting Joshua, who also showed considerable heart himself in the fight to persevere through the first broken nose of his professional career.

An injury incurred early on in the bout.

Both men were clearly in pain throughout – but it didn’t stop them digging in deep. Both superb warriors. A credit to the sport and themselves.

The eventual end did come in the 10th round when the referee decided he had seen Carlos Takam take too many shots and waved things off.

The stoppage was prompted by some big uppercuts landed by Joshua.

But, moments before the fight was officially called off – a controversial still shot has emerged of the referee getting Takam in headlock while Joshua can still be clearly seen pummelling him whilst he is defenceless:

(Hat tip Strictly Boxing Fans Twitter)