Watch: Anthony Joshua Scores TKO Of Carlos Takam

Anthony Joshua Fight

The moment Anthony Joshua scores a TKO of Carlos Takam to defend his IBO, WBA (Super) and IBF heavyweight titles.

Both men looked very calm as they entered the ring tonight at the Millennium Stadium in front of over 75,000 screaming fans in Cardiff, Wales.

Takam was a late replacement but had been in training for a fight for a number of months on standby. He looked it as he made his way to the ring, relaxed and in the words of the night’s announcer Michael Buffer, was more than ready to rumble.

On the night that set a record for all time attendance for an indoor boxing event, Joshua did not let anyone down.

Right from the first bell Joshua took the centre of the ring as Takam reached out his arm to tentatively touch gloves with the champion.

Joshua got behind the jab and took his time in the beginning moments of round 1 in what was a tentative round overall.

A slight marked developed over the nose of Joshua in round 2 with some blood noticeable. A first in his career to have to deal with.

It looked very sore from slow motion replays with a painful reaction from Joshua who’s eyes were watering.

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Joshua came out more aggressive in round 3, looking annoyed from the accidental clash of heads in the previous round the caused what looked like a possible broken nose.

Takam smiled at Joshua in round 4 but this was quickly wiped from his face following a horrific cut suffered above the eye.

He complained to the referee about the cut but Joshua sensed blood and moved in.

Joshua landed a big left hook to drop Takam near the end of the fourth round but Takam somehow survived the end of the round.

The cut above the right eye was incredibly gruesome, blood pouring all over his eyes obscuring his vision badly. He came out for round 5 to his credit.

It was a round that both men looked to be suffering with each’s respective injuries. Joshua was dealing with his broken nose possibly better than Takam was with his cut over his eye.

Round 6 saw Joshua find a beautiful uppercut on Takam. Shades of the uppercut landed on Klitschko earlier this year.

Takam to his credit showed incredible toughness to take it and hang in there. The cut over his eye looked to be under control through some stellar work by his cut man in the corner.

Takam in round 7 had suffered another cut over his other eye but remarkably he was still firing back big shots at Joshua in what was turning into an engrossing heavyweight battle.

An enthralling fight really.

Joshua pressed Takam again in round 8 who looked to be tiring but nonetheless, continued to display massive heart to ship some big right hands from the champion.

The fight was paused near the start of round 9 as the doctors needed to look at Takam’s cuts, who let the fight continue.

Joshua landed a very clean left hook on Takam right on the bell at the end of the round. The challenger showed his durability yet again.

Joshua landed some big uppercuts on Takam in the middle of the round prompting the referee to stop the fight and save the very brave Takam from a continued beating:

Here is another look from a different angle:

Some felt the fight was stopped prematurely as boos could be heard ring out following the stoppage

The win improved the champion’s record to 20-0-20KO as he maintained his 100% knockout record and now positions himself for some big fights against the likes of WBC champion Deontay Wilder and hopefully, Tyson Fury in 2018.

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