What Tony Bellew Told David Haye In Middle Of Their First Fight

Tony Bellew told David Haye something in the fifth round of their first fight that he’s only now revealed today at the presser for their rematch.

While there was a feeling of needle when both men got their talking game on while sitting down at today’s press conference, afterwards, this tension seemed to go away somewhat.

Ever the salesmen, both boxers know how to hype a fight.

When they got to their fight and did the face off with one another, there was no fists flying like their first press conference earlier this year:

All smiles from Tony Bellew, as you can see.

What was interesting however during the press conference was something that Bellew let slip in terms of what he told David Haye specifically after the 5th round of their first fight back in March:

“If anybody looks back at the first fight we met at the end of the fifth round, funny enough, David knows this – he was in there with me. I said you’re blowing out of you’re ar** now. Now your ar** is mine. And then what happened – happened. They were the words I said to him. He walked off and the rest was history.”

Bellew concluded on what is driving for him in the bout:

“The motivation is to get home safe to my kids and my missus.”