Tony Bellew vs David Haye 2 Press Conference Quotes

The pick of the Tony Bellew vs David Haye 2 press conference quotes from London as both men gear up for the rematch.

The Tony Bellew vs David Haye 2 press conference today in London had plenty of needle in it, despite both men appearing to have squashed their bad feelings first time around earlier this year.

It appears while there is a bit more mutual respect between the two than the first time, that underneath it all, these guys still just don’t like each other.

Here are the pick of the verbal jousts at one another today taken a short time ago from the press conference live in London:

As things proceeded, so did the tension and the level of verbals:

David Haye:

“The prediction (for the fight) for me is Tony Bellew will not hear the final bell. How, what round I don’t know. I depends on how much desire he has in my opinion.”

To which Tony Bellew responded:

“There is no quit in me – that is the scary thing about me. But if you remember (looking at Haye) that text message I sent ya last November? It still stands. I will never quit. I will never give in. You’ll have to put me to sleep to beat me. You’re capable of it but you’re not going to. I can’t wait.”