Danny Garcia Lifts The Lid On What Al Haymon Is Really Like


Former world champion Danny Garcia speaks about what powerful boxing player Haymon is like behind the scenes.

Al Haymon is a very private man and does not do interviews with reporters typically – which he has absolutely every right to do of course.

Not much is known about him other than that he’s one of the main men in world boxing that makes things happen and has a huge amount of top tier boxers signed to him that he manages.

He’s been able to get them significant deals in recent times and from first hand speaking to people in the sport of boxing, particular the boxers themselves, I’ve never heard one professional fighter say a bad word about him.

That, in itself, probably tells you everything you need to know about him. He does a good job for the most important people in the sport of boxing – the boxers.

Men and women that take substantial risks for the entertainment of the general public that mere mortals like ourselves could only fathom.

Without the boxers, there is no sport. There is no business. Period.

In a rare insight into a man whom many of these rare-breed humans (professional fighters) entrust to guide their careers, Danny Garcia told Fight Hype what 62 year old American-based Haymon is like behind the scenes:

“Al Haymon is a great guy. He cares about all the fighters. He’s a loving, caring guy. He’s the most down to Earth person that you could talk to. That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. He’s a great guy. You don’t meet a lot of people like him.”

Indeed, the boxing manager and business-relationship forming expert has been known to inspire a lot of nervousness from his competitors over the years. Particularly in America.

Notably, he beat two lawsuits that were levelled against him in the past from two US promotional companies. Since those two cases went away, nothing has really been said since.

Interestingly I thought, before the recent Mayweather vs McGregor event, long-time bash artist of some of the things wrong with boxing, the always candid UFC President Dana White said that after speaking and meeting Haymon for the first time that:

“Al Haymon is a great guy.”

That’s coming from a guy who’s not exactly had a lot of kind things to say about other boxing managers or promoters in the past.

One suspects that if promoters and other power brokers in boxing continue to work with one another more like they have been doing in 2017 (which has been a fantastic year for boxing) – that it can only benefit the sport in the medium-long term if more and more fights between the best boxers in the world are made.

On a consistent basis, year in year out.

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